Grown Folks On Bounce TV

Cast of Grown Folks TV show courtesy of Bounce TV.

Cast of Grown Folks on Bounce TV. Photo courtesy of Bounce TV.

Grown Folks, Bounce TV’s newest family entertainment offering premiere’s an all new episode Monday, October 16 at 9:30p.m. ET. In this latest episode Jillian (Tracey Cherelle Jones) decides to bring her new co-worker, Trevor home to meet the family.

Things get a little cray-cray when Gary (Gary ‘G. Thang’ Johnson) tries to prove that Trevor is a fraud. Criminal MindsJaylin Ogle guest stars on the all new episode.

Created by Bentley Kyle Evans (Family Time and In The Cut)Grown Folks, is a half-hour situation comedy about two blue-collar couples who share a duplex while navigating life, marriage and friendship.

Grown Folks stars Gary “G Thang” Johnson (Disaster Movie, Moneyball) as a penny-wise international airlines skycap, Tracey Cherelle Jones (Don’t Be a Menace to South Central, The Players Club, Baby Boy) as his practical social worker wife Jillian, Jay Phillips (Semi-Pro, Baby Mama, Prom Night) as zany plumber James, and Caryn Ward Ross (The Game, You Take the Kids) as Jay’s stay-at-home wife Brenda.

Grown Folks airs Monday nights at 9:30pm ET/8:30pm CT on Bounce. You can use the hashtag #GrownFolks to join the conversation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Tina Campbell – It’s Still Personal

Tina Campbell, It's Still Personal album cover artworkGrammy Award winning recording artist Tina Campbell is taking things real personal these days. She is going 90 miles an hour in her faith, family and business getting things done that would make the average person’s head spin just thinking about how much she packs into one day, from faith, family and her business/ministry.

She released a new album, It’s Still Personal in September and is actively promoting it nationwide. Later this month she will headline her It’s Still Personal 20 city national tour featuring some of nation’s favorite gospel artists later this month. Plus, Tina and her sister Erica Campbell, together better known as the Platinum selling duo Mary Mary, are currently in their sixth and final season of their popular reality TV show, Mary Mary airing Thursdays at 9 pm ET on WEtv.

For a while Tina’s world was rocked with unimaginable pain and uncertainty. Her recording career with Mary Mary was on pause. Her solo project was in limited release. In addition, she was in disbelief about her husband’s infidelity. She boldly let the troubles in her marriage and family play out on her WEtv show.

Like the woman of faith she is, Tina Campbell took all that anger and hurt and channeled it into forms of ministry she hopes encourages and inspires others facing similar life altering experiences. The faith vehicles that grew out of that hurt and pain include a popular web series on YouTube she does with her husband Teddy Campbell about marriage and family, 10 Minutes with Tina and Teddy, her upcoming tour, and her new album.

It’s Still Personal is a follow up to Tina’s 2015 limited release project, the NAACP Image Award Winning, It’s Personal. Tina said of her new music, “I wrote every single one of the songs. My husband is the only person that co-wrote with me in terms of lyrics to the songs. I have producers that work with me…Warryn Campbell, Aaron Lindsey and the Underdogs. My husband was also my producer, my executive producer, my business partner and my lover!”

Tina’s latest single, “It’s Too Hard Not To” is in the top 25 on the Billboard Gospel airplay chart this week. Unlike the previous project, It’s Still Personal is available to fans at major traditional and digital outlets. Tina admits, “The truth is, I didn’t make my last album available everywhere…So there are so many people who didn’t get a chance to experience this music that carried me through the roughest time of my life, through the journey trying to recover, to one of the most victorious, happy, hopeful times of my life. This (new) music might be able to serve that same purpose to someone else. So I decided to put it back out there and make it available everywhere music is bought, sold, streamed…and put some new amazing music on there.”

Although Tina and Teddy personally love quartet-soul style gospel music, It’s Still Personal has music for all age groups and musical tastes, from hip hop to contemporary, to traditional gospel. “Listen, you want to party? We got you. You want to worship? We got you. You want to shout? We got you…. you want be encouraged? We got you? Just want to ride and mellow out? We got you. I’m just glad God used me to write all of these amazing songs and pair up with all of these amazing producers,” said Tina.

As It’s Still Personal permeates the marketplace, the It’s Still Personal Tour will bring the music and soul-lifting experience of Tina Campbell and friends to the people. Kicking off October 18 in Los Angeles, the tour runs through Thanksgiving week.

Featured artists will be performing on select dates. They include Erica Campbell, Jekalyn Carr, The Walls, Jor’dan Armstrong, Resound, and spoken word artists Ezekiel Azonwu, Matthew Strange and David Bowden. Tina’s younger sister, Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins will serve as hostess. Tina stated, “I’m going to get on that stage and I’m going to sing the song and I’m going to become the song. I’m going to perform the song and I’m going to give it all I’ve got and all I could ever possibly give it. And we are going to glorify God. And we’re going to have fun!”

Tickets are available for what Tina calls a reasonable price. A tour highlight for fans will be a free, stand-alone live viewing of 10 Minutes with Tina and Teddy, followed by a Q&A on Saturdays in each tour city.

Whether its her new album, It’s Still Personal, the It’s Still Personal Tour, the popular Mary Mary show on WEtv, or the hit web series 10 Minutes with Tina and Teddy, Tina Campbell is a force to be reckoned with, more importantly she is a creative powerhouse being used by God to inspire the masses – always keeping it personal.

For more information on Tina Campbell’s music, tour or web series, visit



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Final Season of Mary Mary Premieres on WEtv

Erica and Tina Campbell of WEtv's reality TV show Mary Mary.

Erica and Tina Campbell of WEtv’s Mary Mary. Photo courtesy of WEtv.

The final season of Mary Mary airs tonight at 9p.m. ET on WEtv. The multi-Grammy award winning real life sister duo have had their in-your face confrontations but always come back together, proving that blood is indeed thicker than water.

The premiere of the sixth and final season on September 28 of Mary Mary will place the sisters, Erica and Tina Campbell, in the Holy Land and at odds that again put them in a place they may find it hard to come back from. Tina Campbell, who also releases her new album, It’s Still Personal, on Friday, September 29 said of their years on the show, “I’ve gone through all kinds of life challenges with this show. My sister and I have grown up. We’ve overcome some things. We’ve evolved. We’ve separated, although we’re still together to some degree…. All of this has happened in our lives…I think we have been able to live out our faith on stage, off stage, with the mc without the mic…. at the house…at the office…everywhere.

Tina Campbell of WEtv’s Mary Mary.

Again, I think that we’ve been able to display a lot, and share our faith and hopefully give people perspective of what Christianity is like outside of Sunday morning…but its time to move on…but I tell what? We’re going out with a bang though, because this season we are in a different country every other week.”

While Tina and Erica pursue their individual businesses and dreams, they have always return to the entity that shook up the gospel world up with funky-danceable beats and inspirational lyrics back in 2000 with their first big hit, and the tune that would help them become a household name, “Shackles (Praise You).”

The hit WEtv show Mary Mary gave the world a glimpse into the complicated lives of sisters who love God, family and run their individual empires. This season promises to be both exciting and challenging for the sisters’ relationship and their other love that is the music ministry called Mary Mary.

According to Tina, fans will be put on the edge, “I feel like the busiest season of our life over the past couple of years all happened a few months ago when we were taping the TV show.

You get to see how hard it is trying to be a unit and trying to be solo…trying to manage the demands of our business together as well as all of the planning and preparation of what we do separately.

You get to see the making of my solo album…you get to see me trying to figure out which single I go with. You get to see my video shoot. You get to see tapings of 10 Minutes with Tina and Teddy, my web series with my husband.

You just get to see every facet of our life. Erica’s doing radio. She’s doing solo stuff. Then you get to see us together.

It’s just just more of Erica and Tina and Mary Mary all together, more than you’ve ever seen and it’s good. And it’s exciting. I’m happy to take a step down this season and you get to really see what life is all about with us.”

Tune in and catch all the sister to sister drama that is Mary Mary on the premiere of their sixth and final season WEtv.

St. Louis Erupts Over Not Guilty Verdict of White Ex Cop

Lance Gross and Niatia Lil Mama Kirkland Star in When Love Kills

When Love Kills_the Falicia Blakely Story TV One Movie posterLance Gross and Niatia “Lil’ Mama” Kirkland star in the TV One drama, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. The made for TV movie premiere’s tonight, August 28 at 9/8p.m. CT.

When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story, is the cautionary tale of a teenage mother who was pulled into a life of a stripping, theft, prostitution and murder by an older, abusive pimp who she thought loved her. It is based on the real life-story of Atlanta area teen mom, Falicia Blakely, the product of a single-parent home who was looking for love in all the wrong places. Blakely is now infected with Aids and serving a life sentence in prison as.

In her first leading role is Niatia “Lil’ Mama” Kirkland as Falicia Blakely. Lance Gross (House of Payne) plays her pimp and boyfriend, Dino. Tami Roman (Basketball Wives) portrays Baker’s love-starved mother.

The film also stars Tiffany Black, Floyd Mayweather, Big Freedia and Lil Zane.

Tasha Smith (Why Did I Get Married, Empire) makes her feature-film directorial debut in this made for TV movie. Blakely’s story first aired as an episode of TV One’s popular true-crime series, For My Man. When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story is the first feature length film to bow from For My Man.

When Love Kills director, Tasha Smith and cast members Lance Gross and Niatia Lil Mama Kirkland at the Los Angeles premiere screening. Photo courtesy of TV One.

When Love Kills movie director Tasha Smith, and cast members Lance Gross and Niatia Lil Mama Kirkland at the Los Angeles premiere screening. Photo courtesy of TV One.

Smith closely identifies with Falicia Blakely’s life. She said, “I connected with it coming from the urban environment, I had been a stripper…coming from Camden, New Jersey and just growing up in an environment of strip clubs and pimps and people and stuff… I just felt like I would be able to bring a heart and humanity to this character.

Like a lot of times, people just don’t understand what people’s struggles are…what their emotional upbringing is, what can maybe cause them to end up in the situations that they may end up in. I just felt like we needed to have empathy for the Falicia Blakely’s of the world. So I had a real passion and compassion for her, for her experience, for her, for the family for the victims and their families.”

Kirkland (Falicia Blakely) feels she landed the lead by divine intervention. “It was a risk for me and when I thought about how desperate young women are all over the country…all over the world, for that matter, in need of a voice of someone who could help them and to minister to them through acting, I knew I was chosen for it for a reason,” said Kirkland.

Gross’s role as a vicious, preying pimp was completely different from who is as a person and stretched him as an actor. He said, “This is the type of role that an actor dreams of ‘cause its so far left of who I am…I had a long talk with God…and went completely method with this.”

When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story airs tonight on TV One at 9 ET/8 CT.m Viewers can also join the conversation by connecting via social media on TwitterInstagram and Facebook (@tvonetv) using the hash tag #WhenLoveKills. 

Director, Tasha Smith talks about her lead actors in TV One’s movie, When Love Kills:The Falicia Blakely Story. Click and Listen.

Listen to Niatia Lil Mama Kirkland talk about her character in When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story and the choices we make in life. Click and check out her conversation.

Williams Brothers New Single, Smokie Norful, Miami Mass’s Good News and more

artwork for Te Williams Brothers single What God DoesAfter a six year hiatus, gospel icons The Williams Brothers are enjoying chart success with their latest single, the slow-medium tempo “What God Does” from their forthcoming album Timeless on their own Blackberry Records.

“What God Does” recently ranked #26 on the Mediabase Gospel Chart. The song is a reminder that God is still there, doing what only He can do, no matter what is going on and we can still count on God.

The Miami Mass Choir recently released a new culturally diverse music video, “Good News,” a fusion of Cuban sounds with Gospel and English and Christian Latin music and Spanish. Directed by Chinedu Ernesto and filmed throughout Miami, the video features vocalists Tony Lebron and Paula Coleman.

Founder and director of Miami Mass Choir, Marc Cooper said, “With the Latin appeal of the song, and along with South Florida being a melting pot of many nationalities including the Cuban-American community, we wanted to feature the Little Havana area in this music video.”

The Song, “Good News” is from the Billboard Chart topping album THE MIAMI MASS CHOIR LIVE: At The Adrienne Arsht Center.

Smoke Norful, gospel recording artist and pastor of Chicago’s Victory Cathedral Worship Center will release his first book, Take The Lid Off: Trust God, Release the Pressure, and Find The Life He Wants For You (Thomas Nelson Publishing) on September 5.

Photo of book Take The Lid Off by Smokie NOrfulTake The Lid Off guides readers in understanding that, when you focus on four recommended steps, the pressure of life goes down, you gain peace and perception, and things work out much better in the end…the people they were created to be.

Norful ties in Take the Lid Off with an accompanying music project. He partnered with his label home, Motown Gospel to release his upcoming twelve track digital album, Nothing Is Impossible. It will be available on digital outlets only September 9, 2017. The album features some of Norful’s best loved inspirational songs of hope and encouragement, including “Still Say Thank You,” “No One Else,” and “Run ’Til I Finish.”

Motown Gospel’s new artist, Gene Moore has multiple reasons to be excited. Moore’s new album, THE FUTURE, recently came in at number four on the Billboard Top Gospel Chart. To add to that, he was made co-host of the KTSU-FM 90.9 “GO Radio Show” airing Sundays in Houston. Moore’s radio co-host is gospel recording artist Alexis Spight. The show debuts on September 17.

Bounce TV has renewed three of its popular original series, In The Cut, Saints & Sinners and Family Time. The African American audience targeted network has also added new shows for the 2017-2018 season.

Photo of the cast of In The Cut on Bounce TV.One of those new shows is Grown Folks, a half-hour situation comedy about two blue-collar couples who share a duplex while navigating life, marriage and friendship. It premieres on Bounce TV Tuesday, October 3 at 9:30p.m. ET

Grown Folks stars Gary “G-Thang” Johnson (Disaster Movie, Moneyball),Tracey Cherelle Jones (Don’t Be a Menace to South Central, The Players Club, Baby Boy)Jay Phillips (Semi-Pro, Baby Mama, Prom Night) and Caryn Ward Ross (The Game, You Take the Kids). 

Bounce TVs Brown Sugar, the new subscription-video-on-demand service featuring some of the best loved African-American movies, is now available on the Roku® platform. After purchasing a subscription, Roku customers can watch Brown Sugar‘s large library of iconic black movies, including Cotton Comes to Harlem, In the Heat of the Night, Blacula, Cleopatra Jones, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central, Cooley High, Which Way Is Up?, Hammer, Car WashThe Original Gangstas and more on their Roku device.

With their subscription, Roku customers will also have access to and on other Brown Sugar-enabled devices.

Brown Sugar also showcases original TV programming and features complete seasons of the hit Bounce television network series Saints & Sinners, Mann & Wife, Family TimeIn The Cut and Ed GordonFans can also go to Brown Sugar to watch all the exciting action of Premier Boxing Champions on Bounce TV.

Mary Mary Returns For Final Season on WE tv

photo of Mary Mary WE tv logoMary Mary returns for its final season September 28 at 9 pm ET/PT on WE tv. The platinum selling real-life sister duo, Erica and Tina Campbell, will take fans through their daily lives as sisters, recording artists, businesswomen, mothers, wives and women of faith in the sixth and final season of their popular docu-series.

The hour long program by the Los Angeles born and raised “Mary Mary” is one of WE tv’s most popular shows. Last season 12.7 million viewers tuned in to make Mary Mary the number one cable program in its time slot among African-American Women ages 25-54.

Season five left fans in limbo as to whether or not the duo would stay together. In season six, the sisters will head out

photo of Erica and Tina Campbell of We tv's reality tv show Mary Mary.

Erica and Tina Campbell of WE tv’s Mary Mary. Photo courtesy of WE tv

on a global tour despite terrorist threats that abound in areas where they maybe headed. When they arrive in the Holy Land, deep seated emotions surface that test their bond as sisters. And they will bump heads over each other’s growing solo careers causing problems with where Mary Mary the singing group is headed.

Tina Campbell said, “I’m so grateful to have shared the last several years of my life, personally and professionally, with all of the supporters of the viewers of our reality show. We’ve written and recorded songs together, we’ve released albums together, we’ve been pregnant together, we’ve had babies on the show, we’ve had the worst of times in our families and have had the best of times with our family. You’ve watch our children grow up. Heck you’ve watched Erica and I and the rest of our family grow up over these years. We’ve established an identity together and

photo of Erica and Tina Campbell.

Erica and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary on WE tv.

separately and you all have been with us for the entire ride. I can’t possibly find the words to truly express my gratitude for this experience so I’ll just say thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who made it happen and to everyone who watched it happen. It’s been great.”

“We have been so proud to share our music and our lives with WE tv viewers and fans for the past five seasons…We are grateful to our fans for going with us on this journey, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, we can’t wait to return this fall to complete this part of our story,” shared Erica Campbell.

The NAACP Image Award nominated Mary Mary is produced for WE tv by Entertainment One (eOne) and executive produced by eOne’s Tara Long, John Morayniss, Mark Herwick and WE tv’s Lauren Gellert, Kate Farrell and Lauren Lazin, and Erica Campbell, Tina Campbell, Laura Halperin, and Mitchell Solarek.

Don’t miss all the sister to sister drama, survival, success and faith when Mary Mary kicks off this fall on WeTV.

Watch Tina Campbell’s latest video:

2017 Dove Awards Nominees Kirk Franklin, Anthony Brown and Tasha Cobbs

Logo for 48th Annual Dove AwardsThe Gospel Music Association (GMA) announced the nominees for the 2017 Dove Awards yesterday in Nashville on the campus of Lipscomb University. Two artists representing both the Gospel and Christian music worlds, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way handed out the nominations in 44 categories for the 48th Annual Dove Awards.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Photo courtesy Motown Gospel.

The awards show and television taping will take place October 17 at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena. The show airs October 22  on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Leading the way with six nominations is songwriter/producer Wayne Haun, followed by Lauren Daigle, Zach Williams, David Garcia and Bernie Herms with five each.

Kirk Franklin, gospel recording artist.

Kirk Franklin, Gospel Recording Artist.

Gospel artist/producer and Fo Yo Soul record label head, Kirk Franklin received four nominations along with Christian music’s NEEDTOBREATHE, Chris Tomlin and Crowder.

Other Gospel artists, songwriters and producers who nabbed nominations in various categories include Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Anthony Brown, CeCe Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Travis Greene, Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett, Tamela Mann, Jekalyn Carr, Tim Bowman, Jr., Todd Delaney, Vashawn Mitchell, Hezekiah Walker, J.J. Hairston and William Murphy, Jr.

Additionally, Christian Rap/Hip Hop artists Trip Lee, Steven Malcolm, and Social Misfits were nominated for Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year. For a full list of the nominees visit

Featured Artist Video

Nominated for a Dove Award for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Recorded Song Of The Year

“Trust In You” by Anthony Brown & group TherAPy


All New Episode of In The Cut Premieres On Bounce TV

Photo of the cast of In The Cut on Bounce TV.The laughs continue on Bounce TV’s all-new episode of In The Cut, tonight, August 8 at 9p.m. ET/8p.m. CT

Tonight’s episode focuses on the hilarious competition that ensues after an argument between Smitty (John Marshall Jones) and Mabel (Laura Hayes). They go up against one another by trading places on the job to prove who’s the best at their jobs.

Meanwhile, Kenny (Ken Lawson) and Stella (G.G. Townson) come to a decision-making crossroads in their relationship. Charles Allen (Rise) and Lorenzo Eduardo (The Depths) will guest star.

Created by Bentley Kyle Evans, the hit comedy In The Cut centers on barbershop owner Jay “The Dream”

Photo of cast members Ken Lawson, Dorien Wilson, John Marshall Jones and Laura Hayes in a scene from Bounce TV's In The Cut. Photo courtesy of Bounce TV.

Ken Lawson, Dorien Wilson, John Marshall Jones and Laura Hayes in a scene from Bounce TV’s In The Cut. Photo courtesy of Bounce TV.

Weaver (Dorien Wilson) and Kenny (Ken Lawson), Jay’s long lost son, as they work alongside each other at the shop and grow their new father-son relationship. In The Cut also stars, Kellita Smith as Cheryl, Jay’s love interest, which he tries to balance while running a business and going through the process of getting to know the son he never knew he had.

If you want to escape your own drama-drama and laugh, laugh, laugh at someone else’s problems, tune in to the all-new episode of In The Cut premiering tonight, August 8th at 9pm ET/8p.m. CT on Bounce TV.

To join the conversation on social media use the hashtag #InTheCut.


Inspired Gospel News Lance Gross and Lil Mama, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and More

Publicity photo of TV One movie stars Niatia (Lil Mama) Kirkland and Lance Gross. Photo courtesy of TV One.

When Love Kills _TV One movie stars Niatia (Lil Mama) Kirkland and Lance Gross. Photo courtesy of TV One.

Lance Gross (House of Payne) and Niatia (Lil Mama) Kirkland (Crazy,Sexy,Cool: The TLC Story) star in the TV One original movie, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. Directed by Tasha Smith (Why Did I Get Married), the made for TV picture was inspired by the heart-wrenching true story of an Atlanta area teen mom, turned stripper (Falicia Baker played by Kirkland) who came under the influence of a pimp and predator 11 years her senior (Dino portrayed by Gross), who led her into a life of crime. The ill fated affair between an older abuser and a young girl looking for love in all the wrong places led to the adolescent serving three life sentences in prison for three separate murders. If you love the TV One true crime series For My Man, you will want to add When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story to your “got to watch” TV list. The movie premieres Monday, August 28 at 9 p.m. ET on TV One.

Saints and Sinners Cast Photo Season 2Bounce TV has renewed three of its most popular TV shows for the upcoming season: In The Cut, Family Time and Saints & Sinners. Additionally, the African American audience targeted network has added the situation comedy, Grown Folks to the 2017-2018 line-up. It stars Gary “G-Thang” Johnson (Disaster Movie, Moneyball),Tracey Cherelle Jones (Don’t Be a Menace to South Central, Baby Boy)Jay Phillips (Semi-Pro, Prom Night) and Caryn Ward Ross (The Game, You Take the Kids). Grown Folks premieres October 3 at 9:30 p.m. (ET).

More TV and Faith Based Movie News

A Question of Faith movie posterLos Angeles based Silver Lining Entertainment’s faith based film, A Question of Faith is being released theatrically by Nashville Pure Flix Entertainment September 29. The film stars stars Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, T.C. Stallings, C. Thomas Howell, Jaci Velasquez, Gregory Alan Williams and Renee O’Connor.

Another Pure Flix film, Same Kind of Different As Me will arrive in theaters in October 20. This family entertainment picture features a star-studded cast: Academy Award winners Renee Zellwegger and Jon Voight, and Academy Award nominees Djimon Hounson and Greg Kinnear. The film is based on a true story from the best selling book by the same title..

Rickey Smiley, television and radio personality and Grammy Award-winner and actress LeToya Luckett, will co-host Central City Productions’ (producers of The Stellar AwardsBlack Music Honors, Friday, August 18 at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (T-Pac). The two hour television taping will pay tribute to musical artists across genres who have contributed greatly to the fabric of music in this country. This year’s honorees are The Jacksons, Donnie McClurkin, Slick Rick, Guy, Oleta Adams and Jody Watley.  Black Music Honors will air in broadcast syndication, September 2-30 and on Bounce TV October 10, at 7 p.m. (ET).

Photo of Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin
Photo courtesy of FYE

“I am pleased and thrilled to honor some of today’s most influential and iconic music artists”, said Don Jackson, founder of Central City Productions and executive producer of Black Music Honors.

Black Music Honors will include special performances by Avery Sunshine, Dave Hollister, Jonathan Butler, Karen Clark Sheard, Kid N Play, Latrice Crawford, Leela James, Marvin Winans, SWV, Da Brat, Sevyn Streeter and more.

Proceeds from the ticket sales of Black Music Honors will go to the National Museum of African American Music. The museum is scheduled to open in Nashville in 2019.  For information on attending Black Music Honors click here: Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Gospel Music News

Photo of Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Photo courtesy Motown Gospel.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard is one busy lady. She just released her new project Heart.Passion.Pursuit (Motown Gospel) last week, and on Tuesday, August 8 she announced the 2017 nominees for the 48th GMA Dove Awards in Nashville along with Ben Calhoun of Citizen’s Way.

Ohio-based Urban Contemporary Gospel trio Half Mile Home is preparing to release their new radio single “This Far” to gospel radio. They enjoyed success with their last single, the Billboard Top 15 radio single “Thinking Of Me,” from their latest project Don’t Judge Me, which reached No. 11 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart.

The new single “This Far,” will be available at digital outlets Friday, September 29th.Artwork for single This Far Home by Half Mile Home

There is a new website to download gospel music by indie artists. It features all styles of Gospel music, from choirs to praise and worship, to instrumentals. Artists and fans, if you want more information e-mail or visit

Two-time Stellar Award winner Ted Winn is prepping for the release of his latest music project,Stand In Awe (Shanachie Entertainment). It is slated for release in September.


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