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Many feel there is a big marriage problem within the African Community. Just ask any single woman over 30 and she’ll surely give you and ear full.  Veteran lifestyle journalist Gil Robertson IV explores this hot topic in his third book, Where Did Our Love Go, available on line at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Where Did our Love Go features essays from a cross section of prominent thought provoking leaders who give their take on the status of African American relationships today.  The book is sectioned off into essays from contributing writers who are Single, Married and Divorce.  Danielle Belton, an award winning blogger, journalist, screenwriter and social commentator whose work has appeared in Essence Magazine and Jezebel.com   covered the Divorce segment.

Belton is the Editor At Large of Clutch Magazine Online and she served as the head writer for BET’s Don’t Sleep – hosted by T.J. Holmes.  She covered the divorce section.

Click the link below and hear my interview with this outspoken NPR regular guest of “Tell Me Moore” as she talks with me about being African American and single, why career driven women will probably won’t get married – no matter how much they pray and how economics can drive a wedge between the “sistahs” and the “brothas.”  You don’t want to miss this.

Listen here.

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