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Gospel Music Artists Expand Profits To Reality TV – Survey Results

The results are in for our online survey, Gospel Music Artists Expand Their Profits Beyond Music To Reality TV. The survey was conducted with Internet users between July 24 and August 1, 2014. Its purpose was to discover how you feel about gospel music artists stepping outside of their Christian and church base to make […]

Gospel Music Artists Expand Profits To Reality TV

Gospel music recording artists and preachers are expanding their profits beyond the music and church and are cashing in with faith-based reality TV. Deitrick Haddon, Kierra Sheard, Ben Tankard and Mary Mary are four successful gospel music recording artists who have increased their revenues through reality TV. According to Nielsen ratings, Haddon’s Preacher’s of LA […]

Are Faith Based Reality TV Shows Exposing Too Much?

Faith Based Reality TV shows expose the once guarded lives of preachers, gospel recording artists and their families to the world. But are they revealing too much? According to the US Census, 78 percent of the total US population is Christian, an audience the entertainment world is now targeting.  CBS’ “Touched by an Angel” Executive […]

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