My Consumer Gripe For The Day – AT&T Uverse – You Got Me

I am an AT&T U-verse customer.  But I must say, as  consumer, I am totally disappointed with their new way they are getting into our pockets.  They’re already into our pockets with those cell phone contracts and all the extra fees.  Just check your bill, you already know what I mean.  Now I love the fact that you can get cell phone service at almost any little and large town in the USA.  But I digress,  I’m really harping about the fact that I spoke to and AT&T representative recently and asked abaout dropping some of my charges  dealing with home service and the high cost of Internet service I’m paying,.  She informed me that I had to stay with the “bundle” I had until September of this year or I’d be charged for opting out before the contract is up.  Now ain’t that a blimp?  Lol.  They’ve taken the cell phone “Lock you into a contract for 2 years” and placed it on your phone, internet, U-verse service you use at home.  And I can’t believe I fell for it.  I thought I was getting a discount with a bundle. You know, $5.00 off this service, $20 off that service.  But if you have to keep that bundle for 2 years to get these supposed discounts and in the process watch the bill mysteriously rise as they change rates for service in the during the contract time without you making any major changes to the bundle service you started out with, that is just plain old trickery.  And I must say I was duped.

What’s your gripe about the service contracts for cell phone, cable or U-verse?

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