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Final Season of Mary Mary Premieres on WEtv

Erica and Tina Campbell of WEtv's reality TV show Mary Mary.

Erica and Tina Campbell of WEtv’s Mary Mary. Photo courtesy of WEtv.

The final season of Mary Mary airs tonight at 9p.m. ET on WEtv. The multi-Grammy award winning real life sister duo have had their in-your face confrontations but always come back together, proving that blood is indeed thicker than water.

The premiere of the sixth and final season on September 28 of Mary Mary will place the sisters, Erica and Tina Campbell, in the Holy Land and at odds that again put them in a place they may find it hard to come back from. Tina Campbell, who also releases her new album, It’s Still Personal, on Friday, September 29 said of their years on the show, “I’ve gone through all kinds of life challenges with this show. My sister and I have grown up. We’ve overcome some things. We’ve evolved. We’ve separated, although we’re still together to some degree…. All of this has happened in our lives…I think we have been able to live out our faith on stage, off stage, with the mc without the mic…. at the house…at the office…everywhere.

Tina Campbell of WEtv’s Mary Mary.

Again, I think that we’ve been able to display a lot, and share our faith and hopefully give people perspective of what Christianity is like outside of Sunday morning…but its time to move on…but I tell what? We’re going out with a bang though, because this season we are in a different country every other week.”

While Tina and Erica pursue their individual businesses and dreams, they have always return to the entity that shook up the gospel world up with funky-danceable beats and inspirational lyrics back in 2000 with their first big hit, and the tune that would help them become a household name, “Shackles (Praise You).”

The hit WEtv show Mary Mary gave the world a glimpse into the complicated lives of sisters who love God, family and run their individual empires. This season promises to be both exciting and challenging for the sisters’ relationship and their other love that is the music ministry called Mary Mary.

According to Tina, fans will be put on the edge, “I feel like the busiest season of our life over the past couple of years all happened a few months ago when we were taping the TV show.

You get to see how hard it is trying to be a unit and trying to be solo…trying to manage the demands of our business together as well as all of the planning and preparation of what we do separately.

You get to see the making of my solo album…you get to see me trying to figure out which single I go with. You get to see my video shoot. You get to see tapings of 10 Minutes with Tina and Teddy, my web series with my husband.

You just get to see every facet of our life. Erica’s doing radio. She’s doing solo stuff. Then you get to see us together.

It’s just just more of Erica and Tina and Mary Mary all together, more than you’ve ever seen and it’s good. And it’s exciting. I’m happy to take a step down this season and you get to really see what life is all about with us.”

Tune in and catch all the sister to sister drama that is Mary Mary on the premiere of their sixth and final season WEtv.

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