TV One’s News One Now Anchor Roland Martin on Mike Brown Shooting

Roland Martin, anchor of TV One’s News One Now has been covering the events daily centered on the shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown in St. Louis suburb, Ferguson, Missouri since Brown was killed by 28 year old police officer Darren Wilson on Sunday, August 9, 2014.

In this one on one interview with Family Entertainment Reporter Lin. Woods, Martin shares what he thinks about the tragedy, the policing of it and what needs to continue to happen in keeping the story of this unnecessary loss of life of an 18 year old at the hands of law enforcement in the forefront. The case has gone the grand jury. Roland says of the daily protesting that has been going on since Brown’s death, “Protesting to be protesting is one thing. Protesting with a plan of action is a whole different thing.”

News One Now will cover the funeral of Michael Brown on Monday, August 25th, 10a.m. CT at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis.
News One Now airs Monday through Friday, 9a.m. ET on TV One.

Listen to the interview to hear Roland Martin’s unique perspective.

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