The “Nobody Greater” Law Suit Is Over


Many of you Gospel fans may have heard that the 2010 #1 Billboard Gospel Songs Chart and award winning hit, “Nobody Greater” by Vashawn Mitchell from his CD, Triumphant, was caught up in a lawsuit brought on by aspiring songwriter Travis Malloy.  Well, the U.S. District Court (Southern District of New York) Judge Richard Sullivan recently dismissed Malloy’s 2011 copyright infringement claim filed against songwriter Darius Paulk, EMI Christian Music Group and Sony Music Holdings related to Vashawn Mitchell’s #1 crossover hit, “Nobody Greater.”

Malloy claimed he co-wrote the song and did not give permission to any of the parties to release the crossover mega hit.  He sued on the basis of copyright infringement in 2011 and claimed that he didn’t receive writing credit or royalties from radio airplay and music sales for the song.

On the other side, elated songwriter Darius Paulk says, “I wrote Nobody Greater during a very traumatic period in my life in 2008…It’s my testimony. I was laid-off because of downsizing at my job. I had just gotten a car and a new place. Also, my grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer. The message of the song reflects my personal struggles and victories. Travis Malloy did not contribute to the creation of this song. I wrote the lyrics and melody by myself in the privacy of my home. His claim is baseless… Truth always comes to light.”

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