The Dark Knight Rises Brings in the $Money

Despite its  midnight screening earlier this month that turned into one of the worst domestic US tragedies to take place in a public space when accused murderer James Homes let loose a spray of bullets at a  screening of the movie in a theater in Aurora, CO that left 12 dead as of today and many more shot, injured or  traumatized, IMAX Corporation/Warner Bros. Pictures film,         The Dark Night Rises raked in the big bucks for a second weekend in a row.

IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that The Dark Knight Rises generated strong second weekend global box office results of approximately $15 million in 479 IMAX® theatres worldwide over the weekend of July 29, bringing the film’s global IMAX cumulative box office to date to approximately $52 million.

Domestically, the film grossed an estimated $62 million, of which approximately $9 million was generated in 332 IMAX® theatres.  Internationally, the film earned approximately $6.4 million in 147 IMAX theatres, bringing IMAX’s international total to $14.2 million.

“We’ve crossed the $50 million mark in the fastest time ever with The Dark Knight Rises, lifted, in part, by exceptional international box office,” said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. “Audiences are clearly seeking out and embracing the film the way it was meant to be seen – in IMAX. We are pleased by the second-weekend results and believe the film will continue to have the legs we anticipated.”

“This was an outstanding second weekend,” said Greg Foster, IMAX Chairman and President of Filmed Entertainment. “We are extremely gratified Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan chose to partner with us again and are equally pleased fans around the world are recognizing IMAX is the optimal way to experience the epic final film of the Dark Knight trilogy.”

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