Thanksgiving Blessings

Lin. Woods, Family Entertainment Writer & Editor

Lin. Woods, Family Entertainment Writer & Editor

Thanksgiving is the day we give thanks in the United States of America for all of our blessings. According to colonists celebrated their first successful autumn harvest with a feast shared with the Native Americans in 1621.

However, Thanksgiving did not become an official holiday until President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday to be celebrated every November. And while many celebrate the holiday with family and friends with joyful thoughts, some Native Americans view the day with sadness and see it as the beginning of the slaughter of their people, wars and loss of their homelands.

So while Thanksgiving is a blessing, it does hold a dark past for many Native Americans. While not forgetting their suffering, let’s celebrate the modern day thankfulness and love of family and friends meaning the holiday has come to be known for.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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