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Kanye’ and Rihanna Fight To Keep What’s Theirs

Kanye West and Rihanna are fighting to protect their image in the right to privacy fight.  Both are embroiled in lawsuits over the unauthorized use of their likeness by companies who did not provide them with a release form to sign. According to WebVideoZone.com, a video/appearance release form is a contract that gives permission to […]

Halle Berry and Tom Cruise Winning The Fight Against The Paparazzi

Halle Berry and Tom Cruise are two celebrities winning the fight to protect their children’s rights against invasion of privacy by the media. According to Law.com, invasion of privacy is “The intrusion into the personal life of another, without just cause, which can give the person whose privacy has been invaded a right to bring […]

Fresh Prince’s Uncle Phil, James Avery Dies

Veteran actor, James Avery, “Uncle Phil” from 1990’s sitcom, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air dead at age 68.

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