St. Louis Based Sumthin Bout Favor Music Expands Into New Territory With Favor Care

St. Louis based Sumthin Bout Favor Music has expanded into new territory with Favor Care, LLC. Co-owned by music and video producer, Reace Wilson, and his singer/songwriter wife, LaToya Wilson, Sumthin Bout Favor Music was created in 2006 officially launched in 2008. “It was formed from a need for a vehicle for my wife LaToya’s music…we needed a vehicle to push her music.” Sumthin Bout Favor has produced music for hit making recording artists such as Nelly, Bruno Mars and Jibbs.

Reace and LaToya Wilson at Sumthin Bout Favor Studios in St. Louis. Photo by Lin. Woods

Reace and LaToya Wilson at Sumthin Bout Favor Studios in St. Louis.
Photo by Lin. Woods

Wilson and his team produced hip-hop recording artist Jibbs’ hit “Chain Hang Low.” It sold over a million ring tones. After hip hop success, the Wilson’s said they wanted produce more positive forms of music. Reace Wilson said, “We needed our own thing…and we had money and finances from the Jibbs thing…so we just put money back into our own business, which was Sumthin Bout Favor. And we just put out good music. We started doing videos. And videos turned into funny clips on YouTube. But it was all out of inspiration to do positive music and not label it as being gospel, but label it as being life music. Music that speaks life into you, whatever that is.”  LaToya Wilson and Dfizzle are two of recording artists signed to Sumthin Bout Favor Music.

CDS infograph

Infograph created by Lin. Woods

Sumthin Bout Favor entered the home health care business when it launched Favor Care, LLC in 2013. The company provides personal care assistance to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Wilson said, “Favor Care is under Sumthin Bout Favor. Favor Care is actually a CDS program, consumer directed services, where we help people disabled people. We help them to be able to hire a family member, a friend, anybody to be able to help take care of them. The state set this up so people won’t have to put their loved one in nursing homes because they have to work.” Under the Medicaid sponsored program, family members or friends are paid to take care of the elderly or disabled relative.

Favor Care is run by LaToya Wilson. Although it is the newest division of Sumthin Bout Favor, Wilson said, “We still have Beastaz Music. That’s a secular record label…where we have Jibbs under and number of different artists…then we have Sumthin Bout Favor…the life music division. And then we have other things under Reace Beats Productions and that’s film…and different types of TV.

And, I’m getting ready to work with Tim (Norman) from (OWN’s) Sweetie Pies on a number of things…we’re working on this little reality show…that’s going to be called “Rags to Riches.” Under Da Beastaz Music, Tim is one of the artists under that as well. And with his mother, Miss Robbie Montgomery, we did the Sweetie Pies anthem, which is the Sweetie Pies Dance. We’re going to be working on her album as well. She will be releasing her album, hopefully by next year. Everything is moving according to plan.”

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