Reace and LaToya Wilson Are Making Life Music at Sumthin Bout Favor Music In St. Louis

Reace and LaToya Wilson make “life music” that inspires people at Sumthin Bout Favor Music in St. Louis, Missouri.  The husband and wife team started the record company, recording, web design, photography, audio and video production studio in 2008. Since then they have worked with chart topping artists Jibbs, Nelly and Bruno Mars.

According to Reace, Sumthin Bout Favor has produced hit music across genres, from hip- hop and rap, to inspirational music. He calls it , life music. “We’ve work with

Hip hop artists, inspirational artists, and we even produced OWN’s “Welcome To Sweetie Pies” reality TV star, Miss Robbie Montgomery’s line dance song, “Do The Sweetie Pie.”

The artists signed to the Sumthin Bout Favor Music record label, include LaToya Wilson and rapper DFizzle. DFizzle released his sophomore mix-tape, “Soul Food Chapter 2” featuring the single, “Beautiful,” featuring Lloyd Nicks in March 2014.

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