Happy Labor Day!

I just wanted to thank you for your support of my blog on today,  Labor Day, the US National Holiday established in the 1800s on which we honor laborers, i.e., the working people, and the contribution we continue to make to this great society.  Despite the condition our nation may be in, I still believe it is the greatest country on this earth.

While you celebrate with family and friends, remember to also count your blessings and thank God for the physical and mental ability to work, your job, your employer, and if you are looking for work – keep the faith and believe that right job is on the way; if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, stay strong, creative and innovative – anything is possible if you believe.  And finally, pray for our president and our elected officials to lead this nation towards a direction that benefits the people and enhances our lives on every level.

Stay Inspired!

Lin. Woods

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