Gospel Announcers Guild – The Privileges of Membership

St. Louis, MO – August 31, 2014 — The national Gospel Announcers Guild is accepting applications for new memberships.

YOlanda Adams, Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin perform on Hopeville Tor

Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin. Photo Credit: AP Images

The Gospel Announcers Guild (GAG) is a Christian based broadcast and gospel music industry trade organization that offers networking opportunities and educational workshops for professional growth to its registered members.

The GAG is the professional gospel industry auxiliary of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA). Gospel artists and radio programmers, including platinum selling Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and James Fortune have honed their crafts and/or participated in its showcases, classes and workshops presented during the GMWA’s annual convention at the GAG sessions.

Mt. Olive United Voices Choir, Hackensack, NY

Photo Credit: AP Images/Mt. Olive United Voices Choirconvention at the GAG sessions.

According to Bishop Sam Williams, Executive Vice Chair of the GAG and GMWA Board Member, the GAG has fourteen affiliates and helps gospel announcers become better broadcasters. He encourages a cross section of professionals seeking to enhance their careers in the gospel music industry to join. Williams said, “We are primarily a broadcast trade organization. So we would encourage those involved in broadcasting, from radio station ownership, to programmers to brokers (announcers who pay for their on air time)…record labels…print…digital…and Internet radio to join.”

Membership to the Gospel Announcers Guild is open to professionals who work in the gospel music industry in radio, records, media, or as recording artists.

To become a member of the GMWA National Gospel Announcers Guild register online at www.nationalgag.org

About the Gospel Announcers Guild
The national Gospel Announcers Guild was founded in 1970 as the professional auxiliary of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. It has a membership of approximately 350 and 14 affiliates. Bishop Sam Williams serves at the Executive Vice Chair. It has been without a Chairman since the untimely death of its longtime chairman, Al “the Bishop” Hobbs in August 2014.

GAG Contact: Bishop Sam Williams (646) 382-1546
Email: Bedrock.Jetson1@juno.com
Website: www.BishopSamWilliamsMinistries.org

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