Dr. John Bell on Dating: If You’re An Adam Looking For An Eve


By Lin. Woods, Family Entertainment Writer

John Bell, MD is a successful podiatrist, author and recording artist out of the Memphis area.  He grew up in North Carolina, served in the armed forces, graduated med school, established a successful practice  – The Excelsior Podiatry Clinic in Western Tennessee and seemingly had everything.  But a painful divorce and custody battle almost broke his spirit.  However, his faith and belief in God, plus his ability to channel that into 4 books and a new CD titled, “Dating Again,” helped him take that which was a loss and use it as a tool of ministry to give hope to others.  He talked with me about his music, why it’s not meant for man or woman to live alone, what to do if you are an Adam looking for your Eve, and why you should always get up after a knock down in a relationship and begin “Dating Again.”

Listen here:   http://bit.ly/YyTA7S

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