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Lin. Woods Inspired Media is a faith-based and family entertainment site with an African American focus. Created by a Family Entertainment/Faith Base Editor and Writer, it features positive entertainment articles, faith-based celebrity interviews, beauty news, inspirational music reviews, TV/film news and positive lifestyle tips. It is all designed to inspire your life.

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Meet The Editor/Writer – Lin. Woods

Lin. Woods is a 20-year veteran Family Entertainment and Faith Base Editor, Speaker, Writer, Voice Over Talent and Children’s Book Author (Kenny Can: Don’t Judge Me). This fearless woman of faith was raised in St. Louis and in the church.

Passionate about her faith, inspirational music, radio, speaking and writing, the Magna Cum Laude graduate of Fisk University-Nashville started in radio as a copywriter and on-air personality at what is now Clear Channel Radio-St. Louis. From there, the 2005 Who’s Who in St. Louis honoree moved to Los Angels and landed various positions in entertainment.

She worked in casting at Warner Bros. Television and Artist Development at Warner Bros. Records. After these stints, she launched her own media company, Lin. Woods Associates. The company produced syndicated radio shows and provided scriptwriting, voice-over and production services for companies such as Warner Bros. Records, Virgin Records and Motown Records.

Woods became a celebrity journalist after taking on the host/writer/co-producer duties at the syndicated entertainment news program Inside Gospel (which boasted five million listeners world-wide).

In 2000, Woods returned to St. Louis and created The Inspired Company. Through this faith-based media business, she created the Inspired Entertainment Seminar (educational series hosted on college campuses), the Inspired Entertainment Report (aired in more than 50 markets via ABC Radio Networks’ Rejoice Musical Soul food format) and provided script writing services for General Mills’ Serving Up Soul radio show. It currently produces Lin. Woods Gospel Entertainment Podcast, available on iTunes.

Over the past decade, Woods has been aligned with the top industry urban entertainment publication, The Urban Network. She was the Editor-In Chief of its 2001 spin-off, Urban Inspired. Today she is both a partner and the Family Entertainment/Faith Based Writer and Editor for www.urbannetworkdigital. She is also the president of the faith based media and communications firm Lin. Woods Inspired Media, and the  editor of  linwoodsinspiredmedia.com.

Woods lives her life empowering others to their greatest potential through inspirational media. She says, “I believe we are all here to uplift one another. That’s why I write inspiring news and content.

If someone is having a bad day and reads my blog, hears my Inspired Entertainment Report or checks out my celebrity interviews on my podcast and is touched by one of those experiences, I’ve achieved my goal, which is to inspire, encourage and uplift lives through media.”

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