Beyonce Lip Synching…Oh No!


Ever since Platinum selling singer/songwriter and actor Beyonce’ sang at President Barack Obama inauguration on Monday, January 21, 2013 shock over her lip synching over the music track of he Star Spangled Banner.  If you watched the comment on national media and social media, you’d think a major crime had been committed.  Grow up people! Or as Reality TV star and recording artist Tamar Braxton of The Braxtons says, “Go get your life!”

As a former artist relations representative at Warner Brothers Records, I can be a witness to the fact that many recording artists who perform on TV and national stages where they do not use a live band probably are singing “Live to track” or live over recorded music.  In most cases, the lead vocals are removed from the track and the artist simply sings over the music. Yes, most are singing, they just don’t have their band right there with them and the performance usually sounds just like the record you fell in love with, only better.  And  you are left with a satisfied soul and happy ears.

By the way, Beyon’ce electrifying live performance at half-time at the Superbowl on Sunday, February 4th squashed all the haters who ever doubted her vocal ability and skills.

So there.

by Lin. Woods

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  1. Beyonce’ failed to represent, Lin, end of story. This wasn’t “American Bandstand.” This was America’s Presidential Inauguration – a national historic and commemorative event in which one is called to represent as among their country’s finest singers AND honor their President with the greatness of their gift. She had the whole Marine Band there but SHE chickened out. Her singing live at the press conference days later wasn’t the point. We know she can sing. She just apparently can’t sing under pressure or less than perfect conditions. But guess what? Everyone else sang live AND well – Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor AND The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. In lieu of “perfection,” they gave their hearts and souls to the moment. For that they were true to the spirit and honor of the occasion. Beyonce’ was not and, as such, should have simply relinquished the honor to someone else and saved all of her precious energy for the big payday of the Super Bowl where she did, indeed, shine. That’s her thing. Leave the more noble stuff to someone who can stand flat foot/high head and SANG when called upon – by any means necessary. Finally, what’s even more disturbing is that not only do so many other people, Beyonce’s “fans” in particular, not comprehend nor respect this concept of nobility, clearly she doesn’t either…made even worse by not even addressing the issue until days later when it became clear that said issue was not going away. That’s sad. I like Beyonce’…but in my opinion she made a poor judgement call in this case but will never see it or at least own up to it. Political correctness and friendship aside, I wonder how President Obama truly feels about all this in his heart of hearts.

    Love you Lin. – but that’s my two cents! <3

    Your Brother,

    A. Scott Galloway

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