Afriky Lolo Presents West African Dance In St. Louis

Afriky Lolo hosted an African dance program April 4 at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis, Missouri showcasing the dance and rhythms of West Africa.

The show featured dancers of all ages and sizes from Afriky Lolo’s dance classes. They danced barefoot to the rhythm of drum beats gathered from African cultures throughout the diaspora. Afriky Lolo uses the drum beats and dance movements to tell the story of African people from around the world.

Afriky Lolo is a dance company and non-profit founded by Diadie Bathily (pronounced Jah-Jay), in 2003 in St. Louis. It specializes in West African Dance. Bathily, who also serves as the artistic director of Afriky Lolo, is a West African dance specialist who has worked for thirty years as a dancer, choreographer and instructor on the stages of Africa, Europe and North America.

The organization has weekly dance classes and presents programs throughout the year. According to Bathily’s staff, he is developing a fitness program titled,Timbuk. Timbuk incorporates African dance moves that will help people get into shape while dancing to the beats of West Africa.

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