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Where Did Our Love Go? Love and Relationships…

Many feel there is a big marriage problem within the African Community. Just ask any single woman over 30 and she’ll surely give you and ear full.  Veteran lifestyle journalist Gil Robertson IV explores this hot topic in his third book, Where Did Our Love Go, available on line at Barnes and Noble and […]

Box Office Results For Weekend Of April 21, 2013

If you went to the movies this past weekend I’m sure you pondered over which of the movies in theaters you wanted to plunk down your hard earned $10+ dollars to see.   I highly recommend 42, the story of the life of Jackie Robinson.   Any-who, here’s a list from Rentrak Corporation, (a Portland, Oregon […]

iPhone Blues – My Gripe For The Day

It pains me to gripe about by iPhone, but I had to do it, just in case any of you are having problems with this device that I otherwise love, love, love. Today is the second time in the past 2 months that I received a software update reminder and when I agreed and clicked […]

The Gracies Awards Are Coming

I know some of you may be sick of all of these awards shows, but me being a woman in media, I had to give some pub to this one.  The Gracies Awards, presented by the Alliance for Women In Media Foundation,  honors the best in media programming for by and about women. The 38th […]

My Consumer Gripe For The Day – AT&T Uverse – You Got Me

I am an AT&T U-verse customer.  But I must say, as  consumer, I am totally disappointed with their new way they are getting into our pockets.  They’re already into our pockets with those cell phone contracts and all the extra fees.  Just check your bill, you already know what I mean.  Now I love the […]

Ford Honors Unsung Heroes – Nominate Yours

Posted by Lin. Woods Ford Motor Company honors the outstanding achievements of ordinary people and organizations doing extraordinary things in the African American community by creating the national Ford Freedom Unsung program.  Ford Freedom Unsung salutes and honors those who have positively impacted communities and whose achievements serve to enlighten and inspire others. The Ford […]

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